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Welcome to MsP Speaks Podcast

Ms P Speaks is a society and culture; personal journal podcast where I discuss life issues as it relates to me.

I see podcasting as a release, a safe place to share my thoughts with people as I take them on a walk in this beautiful place called my mind.

The goal is to engage my audience and with time build a relationship as we discuss life issues. I want each episode to feel like a chat with your best friend.

Listen to the most recent episode below;

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In the famous words of @heisrema "Another Banger!"

This time, I have the Podcast Queen, @Queen_Raffy on the show for my first official "What's on your mind?" series. and it was amazing.

Download & Listen here

#PodcastersForJustice #PodsInNaija

Listen to The U & I Podcast Presents - What's On Your Mind - @Queen_Raffy - Episode 1 by @Mifaunuagbo U & I Podcast on #SoundCloud

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