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*Social Distancing – Episode 4; Make it Stop!

I go on a little rant about a few things I’m over while staying at home. It’s all love and banter. Enjoy!

we all have different coping mechanisms during this period. stay happy and be positive!

These are the things I’m tired of

  1. Tictok videos
  2. Posting your meals and Workout videos 3
  3. Challenges
  4. Constant posts about how you’re going to be fat cuz you’ve eaten all the food in the house.
  5. Reposting covid-19 numbers news and unnecessary broadcast messages
  6. Everyone wanting to video call

sound effects from Epic Height Studios


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Lol. Do you have any joy? Let people be

  2. Gemnesis Gemnesis

    😂😂leave us please 😂😂😂Bubble burster

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