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Talk about a podcast that shines light on cultural and societal issues then you talking about Ms Or Speaks podcast, she does with so much finesse, you just want to sit down and listen all day long

Great content

I enjoy listening to this

Always a pleasure listening to the ms p speaks podcast. Great content and audio quality.

Love it, straight to the point

Impactful episodes that have incredible guests who share their journeys which teaches us a lot of things.

Loving the show!

Just discovered the podcast on IG and I’m hooked. Keep up the great work!


love this podcast


Highly, highly recommended. Short, easily digestible & incredibly relevant content

Really good!

This is a really good podcast cuz people can just relate to what they’re saying. Definitely recommend listening to this!

My favorite

I love this podcast but where is this weeks episode.


I’m in love with this podcast definitely in my top 5 favorite podcasts list.

First podcast

Never listen to podcasts before but this one is my first one and now I’m obsessed!!

Love it!❤️

I love this podcast soooo much! The episodes just get better & better🥰❤️


I love to Listen to this podcast one of my Favorites.


Girrrrllll we are bored in the house too! Love your energy and your podcast! Your content and insights are perfect! You are real and love how you bring people on your show to give them a platform. Love it and will continue to listen! -Bringthemio Podcast!

Fantastic content! Always look forward to the weekly episode release. Great sound quality as well


I love Ms. P, her perspective is new and fresh and that’s exactly what I want to hear right now! Keep going Ms. P we reaching Joe Rogan levels 😝

Love the openness!

Interesting, relatable, and insightful podcast that feels like you’re catching up and having deep important conversations with a good friend! -The New School Podcast, hosted by Christine Hong

Amazing podcast. Great yada yada yada. Lol

Very personable and honest

A podcast that dives deep into everyday events and experiences. Blunt, detailed, and engaging.


Ms P comes out with very insightful topics, with a high dose of honesty and humour. It is great to have a podcast touching real life matters. I cannot wait for the next season. Keep the good work up, the sky is your limit.


Tomi is the best bla bla bla

Very nice!!

Very nice, honest and open conversations! Keep up the good work! Be sure to tune in to Ms P Speaks!

Ms P speaks Podcast is a very entertaining, interesting and no holds bar conversational style podcast that leaves wanting more..It is top it. ?

One of the most relatable podcasts outchea. S/o to Ms P. Can't wait for what's next in the "On Becoming" series.



Good stuff

You have a really nice and soothing voice. I listened to the episode about not smashing the empty glass. Such a good episode with so many little nuggets packed into a short timeframe.

Good work!

So easy to listen to. Great work



I love how you relate issues to yourself personally. Keep it up