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Mommy your awesome

Nice job and I still wanna be in a episode

On Ms P Speaks

The episodes are very educating and well have selected topics.

Fantastic podcast!

Witty presentation...interesting topics...down to earth insights on a variety of real life issues. Every episode is a hit!


Good job. You're off to a good start. Worth the listen. I would highly recommend this

Great listen

I would recommend this for anyone living life

Nice flow

I love the real honest approach she brings to the table!


I would recommend this... amazing voice great personality

Nice one

Great voice. Amazing mind

Great listen

The podcast is a great down to earth view from a young lady in the western world. It’s very interesting and you never know what to expect which is what makes it soo great. Plus her voice.......☺️

Great listen

Fun to listen to. I can have this playing all day. Great voice and all

Just Wow...

Ms P Speaks never disappoints. She has a great way of connecting the listener to the subject matter, while keeping you engaged with humor and a soothing voice. Definitely one of my regular podcasts to vibe with...


Great listen