July 25, 2020

Ms P Speaks Spotlight Presents DJ Neptune

Ms P Speaks Spotlight Presents DJ Neptune
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The Spotlight series Features great minds that have inspired and continue inspiring with their drive and dedication towards their passion and craft. This episode features the Nigerian Dj and music producer DJ Neptune.

Renowned International Eva - Blazing DJ Neptune is a successful Disc Jockey and powerful brand to reckon with when it comes to music and entertainment in Nigeria, West Africa. The professional Disc Jockey spins different genre of music from Hip Hop, RNB, House, Funky House Music, Dancehall, and Afro Beats etc. His ability to trill and entertain different type of audience across the globe makes Him stand out. Visit DJ Neptune website to find out more about him. 

He Joined Empawa with Mr Eazi to help upcoming  artists reach their full potential musically by equipping them with the knowledge and funding to do so. He is a mentor with the program. You can follow him @deejayneptune on all socials Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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