March 26, 2021

Season 5; Episode 3- Energy With Cassandra Rosa

Season 5; Episode 3- Energy With Cassandra Rosa

In this Episode, Cassandra and I talk about channelling positive energy, classifying your friends, setting expectations, getting clarity into the next steps in life. we dive into what spiritual entrepreneurship is. we talk about the struggles millennials have with uncertainty especially within their careers and choosing a path to entrepreneurship, letting go of the blocks and defining what they want as against going for what the Society expects.

Cassandra Rosa is an intuitive life coach and clarity creator. She helps millennials find the clarity they need to create their dream life and business. In her coaching practice, she loves to teach her clients how to clear what’s holding them back, define their purpose and vision and define action steps to make their dreams a reality. Cassandra Rosa is a Reiki Master, an award-winning speaker, award-winning author of the book Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams. She has recently launched her personal development and business podcast for spiritual entrepreneurs called Clarity Conversations. It’s available on all major podcast platforms! Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and on her Website.

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