April 30, 2020

*Social Distancing - Episode 8; The Importance to Your Satisfaction

*Social Distancing - Episode 8; The Importance to Your Satisfaction
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The beauty of the social distancing series is that  it is what you my listeners ask of me. This episode is dedicated to Amanda. In this episode I feature Isaac and Bri and we share our thoughts on sexual Compatibility being the importance to your satisfaction as a sequel to the topic from last week: Performance review; giving a lover feed back. 

Isaac is the co-host  of The Road to 30 Podcast  https://linktr.ee/roadto30podcast where the talk about the joys and challenges of being in their 20s.  and Bri is a blogger at www.booksandshadows.com. Books and shadows is a book blog with a witchy side to it.

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