Oct. 8, 2021

Season 5; Episode 11 - Relationship Retro With Ewane "E" Masango.

Season 5; Episode 11 - Relationship Retro With Ewane
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In this Episode, E and I talk about relationships, Baggage, the recipe for great relationships, and the importance of having retrospectives in our relationship.

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Ewane "E" Masango

CEO of Society LLC
Founder of Providence Health Practice
Draper University Tech Founders Program Alum
Has 6 founded companies. 2 of which are still in operation and growing
Influencer marketing expert
Organized events with over 100 influencers (Lil Wayne, Adrian Peterson, Bill Clinton, James Harden, etc)
36,000+ people attended
Former Class President
Over a decade of starting successful startups
Community Service events giving school supplies to thousands of kids
Singularity University LA Chapter License Holder and Ambassador