July 18, 2020

Ms P Speaks Spotlight Presents Seyi Akinwale and The Special Foundation

Ms P Speaks Spotlight Presents Seyi Akinwale and The Special Foundation
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The Spotlight series Features great minds that have inspired and continue inspiring with their drive and dedication towards their passion and craft. This episode features Seyi Akinwale, Founder of The Special Foundation, a privately funded social impact organization focused on building Africa’s next set of Leaders by refining their minds through education. We seek to achieve this by empowering less privileged, gifted African Children through education, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Seyi Akinwale is a professional accountant and the Senior Vice President with a global industrial business and the founder of the special Foundation.  With the Special Foundation, many more people have a platform to participate and reach out to more children and give them not just an access to education but hope and a chance at a better future.

In the last 4 years
+750 students benefited from the Special Summer School Program
+30 students gained access to education through our Inspire Scholarship Program +400 students engaged in our Mentorship Program
+1500 families impacted directly or indirectly by The Special Foundation

To Get involved, visit www.thespecialfoundation.org, drop a note and someone will reach out to you. You can follow them on twitter, Facebook and instagram

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