May 9, 2020

Season 3; Episode 11 - On Becoming a Scream-Free Parent.

Season 3; Episode 11 - On Becoming a Scream-Free Parent.
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Happy Mother's Day  and Welcome to Mental Health Awareness month. In this episode I share a piece of some mental health issues I dealt with while navigating my motherhood journey. Here are a few things I realized that stopped my screaming and anger There’s no playbook for parenting People will always have a say but it doesn’t always matter You are doing amazing Kids have feelings, they want to be heard Running ideas for decisions you’re about to make for your kids by them makes them feel responsible Communicate Encourage thinking Find what works for you Actions and consequences Don’t threaten what you won’t follow through with At the end of the day, give yourself a break. You’re doing great. Don't forget to take advantage of our partnership with DigitalMagister. Get 10% of all products on their website which includes domain registration, WordPress hosting and SSL certificates visit  to take advantage of this and also Free trainings. ** sound effects are from EpicHeights Studios Lagos.**  --- Support this podcast: