March 26, 2020

*Social Distancing - Episode 3; Making an Ice Cold Lemonade from this Big Ass Lemon

*Social Distancing - Episode 3; Making an Ice Cold Lemonade from this Big Ass Lemon
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During this time, it looks as though all we can see is the negatives in the situation. I and my brother Kenny, highlight a few Positives in these times. 1. While practicing social distancing avoid spiritual distancing  2. Bond 3.Learn something new 4. Reflect and review choices and mindset 5.Review relationships and connection As Promised, learning resources. FREE ONLINE COURSES How to claim 1. click on each link 2. add to cart 3. checkout 4 Coupon code automatically apply at checkout - use coupon code 'stayhome' 5. Ensure the $ amount at checkout is $0 This coupon is valid till 3/30/20 ADOBE COURSES Premiere Pro CC : Photoshop CC: Lightroom CC: After Effects CC: InDesign CC: Audition CC: BUSINESS & MARKETING Udemy Course Masters: YouTube Marketing: Content Marketing: SEO Masterclass: WordPress for Beginners: Podcast Masterclass: Digital Marketing Automation: Media Training & Camera Confidence: Business Bootcamp: Meditation for Entrepreneurs: PHOTOGRAPHY Start Your Photography Business: Wedding Photography: Photography for Kids: Food Photography: Landscape Photography: Night Photography: Street Photography: Portrait Photography: Travel Photography: Canon Photography: Landscape Photo Editing: --- Support this podcast: